Trucker’s Rights Radio Show: ‎”Tips, Traps, and Frustrations Faced by Hurt Truckers”

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Truth About Trucking LIVE

On Thursday, February 26th Charles Buchanan, Hurt Trucker’s lead attorney and editor of the Hurt Trucker blog, had the pleasure of speaking with many truckers and trucking advocates on Truth About Trucking‘s weekly live online radio show.

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The topic of discussion was “Truckers Rights – Personal Injury and Workers’ Comp Laws.” In it, the Hurt Trucker team detailed many of the tips, traps and frustrations that truckers face when injured on the job.

We received dozens of tremendous questions, and you can listen to our answers and the dialogue about them any time through the archive of the show.

A few questions and answers you will hear are:

  • Are truckers unfortunately forced in to making decisions out of financial desperation?
  • Does it matter which state trucker’s file their injury claims?
  • Can and should a trucker return to work while their personal injury or worker’s compensation claim is pending?
  • … and many more.

Thank you to the entire trucking community, and especially to Allen Smith, for making this radio show, and our involvement with the trucking community, extremely rewarding.