$255,000 for Trucker Injured While Working on Truck

Hurt Trucker successfully resolved a workers’ compensation claim for our injured trucker client. Our client was a Con-way Truckload driver. He was injured while putting anti-freeze in his truck. His foot slipped and he fell causing a severe compound fracture in his leg that extended into the knee. The client also had pre-existing back problems. [...]

$165,000 for Trucker Injured by Defective Bunk

Hurt Trucker helped a truck driver who was injured when a defective top bunk latch gave way. The bunk fell and hit him in the head causing a ruptured disc in his back. We took numerous depositions, hired experts, and prepared the case for trial. We gathered evidence showing that the latch was defective and [...]

$65,000 for Trucker Fired for Filing Work Comp Claim

Hurt Trucker helped a trucker recover $65,000 for wrongful termination. Missouri law prohibits employers from retaliating against employees for filing workers’ compensation claims and exercising their legal rights. Our trucker client was injured on the job, and his employer sent him to a doctor as required by the workers’ compensation law. The employer’s doctor said [...]

$175,000 for Trucker Who Suffered Rare Disease

Hurt Trucker represented a trucker client in a workers’ compensation claim involving a rate disease known as arachnoiditis. Our client was injured while performing maintenance on her truck when she struck her neck and shoulder on the underside of her trailer. She had a minor injury to her neck and she was prescribed epidural steroid [...]

$1,000,000 for Trucker Injured by Defective Seat

Hurt Trucker successfully resolved a product liability claim for our client who was injured an air ride seat collapsed and smashed her foot when her truck hit a pothole. She developed a serious condition known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy. We invested tens of thousands of dollars in the case for our client. We took many [...]