Hurt Trucker represented a trucker client in a workers’ compensation claim involving a rate disease known as arachnoiditis. Our client was injured while performing maintenance on her truck when she struck her neck and shoulder on the underside of her trailer. She had a minor injury to her neck and she was prescribed epidural steroid injections. After her first steroid injection, she began suffering severe headaches, pain throughout her body, and balance problems. It was discovered that the epidural steroid injection had punctured her dura, which is the lining of the spinal cord. Her condition became progressively worse and developed into a chronic pain. Her doctors were uncertain about the cause of her problems and disagreed on whether the problems were caused by the steroid injection that was prescribed to treat her work injury. Hurt Trucker invested thousands of dollars in the case for depositions and experts. We were able to develop a case showing that our client had a disease known as arachnoiditis, which can occur where the chemical solution in the epidural steroid is injected into the spinal canal. The case settled at mediation before the final hearing for $175,000.