Hurt Trucker settled a case for our trucker client who was injured when an automobile ran a stop sign. Our client swerved and was able to avoid a collision that could have killed our client and the at-fault driver. However, avoiding the collision caused our client to run off the roadway, go airborne, and he hit his head on the steering wheel when his vehicle impacted the ground. At first, our trucker client did not think he was seriously injured. Later that day, he was feeling dizzy and he went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a mild concussion. In the months following the accident, our client suffered post-concussion symptoms. Before Hurt Trucker got involved, the insurance company refused to even pay the medical expenses, which were under $10,000. Hurt Trucker invested over $25,000 in the case. We hired experts to show that our client’s problems were caused by the accident. Just before trial we settled the case for $250,000.