Prime, Inc. Promotes Compact, Foldable Bicycles for Trucker Health

by | Sep 26, 2012 | Health, Missouri, Prime

We saw this article the other day and it made us wonder what the truck drivers out there hauling loads every day think about this.  Prime, Inc., based out of Springfield, Missouri, is “partnering” with bicycle manufacturer Montague, which makes compact, foldable bicycles. published this interesting article on its website about the program.

It is not clear from the article if Prime, Inc. is purchasing the bicycles for its truck drivers, or just encouraging drivers to purchase the bicycles.  If Prime is just encouraging drivers to purchase the bicycles, the purchase would be a significant investment because Montague’s website indicates that its bikes range from $650 to nearly $3,000. 

Montague bikes do seem to be an interesting product that could benefit truck driver health.  The bikes fold in less than 20 seconds, to a compact 36”x 28”x 12”.  Montague promotes its bikes as providing the opportunity for “fitness on the go” and an “on board gym” for truck drivers.  

What do you think?  If you had a foldable, compact bicycle on the road, could you use it to get exercise and improve your health?  Where would you ride?  Would your company give you the time and opportunity to ride while on the road?  Would your company pay for all or part of the bike?  The last question is where “the rubber hits the road” so to speak when trucking companies claim they support trucker health.