Medical Care

Truckers Deserve Fair Medical Care & Compensation for Their Injuries

Trucking companies are typically required to pay 100% of all medical care that is authorized, reasonable, and necessary to treat the injuries caused by a work related accident. Reasonable and necessary medical care can include everything from an emergency room visit immediately after the injury to surgeries months or years later that are necessary to treat the injury. You should not be required to pay anything for treatment of your work related injury.

Have You Received Unjust Medical Care?

In some states (such as Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Iowa), the trucking company has the right to choose the trucker’s doctor, or can significantly limit the trucker’s right to choose his or her doctor. In other states (such as Illinois, Nebraska, Tennessee, and Kentucky), the trucker has more say in choosing their own doctor. For truckers this can be an important issue.

When the trucking company chooses the doctor, most companies will try to force truckers to see company doctors near the terminal or office where the trucker was hired. Truckers (unlike employees in other industries) often live hundreds of miles from the terminal or office where they were hired. Traveling hundreds of miles to see a doctor is a tremendous burden on injured truckers. If you are put into a situation like this, you should contact an experienced trucker workers’ compensation attorney and ask about your right to select your doctor.

In the most unfortunate cases, trucking companies and their insurance companies sometimes refuse to pay for any medical care all together, or they terminate medical care before the trucker fully recovers. We can help.

Representing Hurt Truckers With Medical Care Compensation Claims

Hurt Trucker Attorneys has been representing injured truckers for nearly 50 years. We know the games insurance companies play. We will hold the trucking company and its insurer accountable and we will make sure you receive the benefits you are owed. Callemail, or contact us online today at no cost or obligation for more information on how we can help you pursue the just and proper medical care compensation you deserve.