Truck AccidentTrucking companies are typically required to pay 100% of all medical care that is authorized, reasonable, and necessary to treat injuries caused by a work-related accident. This health insurance for truck drivers ensures their safety and security while at work. Reasonable and necessary medical care can include everything from an emergency room visit immediately after the injury to surgeries months or years later that are necessary to treat the injury. You should not be required to pay anything for treatment of your work-related injury. The health insurance coverage you get from your agency is supposed to secure your physical well-being.



In some states (such as Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Iowa), the trucking company has the right to choose the trucker’s doctor or can significantly limit the trucker’s right to choose his or her doctor. In other states (such as Illinois, Nebraska, Tennessee, and Kentucky), the trucker has more say in choosing their own doctor. For truckers, this can be an important issue.

When the trucking company chooses the doctor, most companies will try to force truckers to see company doctors near the terminal or office where the trucker was hired. Truckers (unlike employees in other industries) often live hundreds of miles from the terminal or office where they were hired. Traveling hundreds of miles to see a doctor is a tremendous burden on injured truckers. If you are put into a situation like this, you should contact an experienced trucker workers’ compensation attorney and ask about your right to select your doctor.

In the most unfortunate cases, trucking companies and their insurance companies sometimes refuse to pay for any medical care altogether, or they terminate medical care before the trucker fully recovers. We can help.



There are several health insurance policies available for truck drivers. Here are some insurance policies designed for truck drivers.

  • Affordable Care Act (ACA): this is suitable for new truck drivers. In today’s market, insurance premiums are subject to increase, whereas the coverage diminishes.
  • Health Savings Account (HSA): Truckers who are healthy and used to managing their medical expenses but are still worried about their health in the future need better health insurance plans than traditional health insurance.
  • National Tuckers Insurance: This organization offers health insurance options for truck drivers. These plans come with disability insurance covering critical illness and supplemental insurance with some pre-existing conditions.
  • Owner Operator Independent Health Insurance (OOIDA): They also offer health insurance for truck drivers. Truck drivers can enroll in their medical benefits group for a small yearly fee.

Though all of these policies are designed for the benefit of a truck driver, sometimes a few complexities arise when claiming the insurance premiums. Consulting with an experienced accident insurance lawyer will help you receive your monthly premiums.

The Impact of Truck Driving on Insurance Premiums

Truck driving significantly impacts insurance premiums due to the high-risk nature of the job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, truck drivers experience a higher rate of work-related injuries, leading to increased claims. This elevated risk translates into higher insurance costs for employers. On average, commercial truck insurance premiums range from $8,000 to $12,500 per year, depending on the driver’s record and the type of cargo. In comparison, the average insurance premium for a standard vehicle is about $1,500 annually. Employers must account for these costs when managing their workforce and budgeting for insurance expenses.

How Does Being a Truck Driver Affect Health Insurance Premiums?

Being a truck driver can uniquely influence health insurance premiums, primarily due to the nature of the job. Truck driving is often considered a high-risk profession by insurance companies, which can result in higher monthly health insurance premiums. The irregular hours, long periods of sitting, and exposure to potential accidents on the road are factors that insurance companies take into account. However, truck drivers can explore options like short-term health insurance or individual health insurance plans, starting with essential health benefits to find more affordable health insurance.

The ACA health insurance premiums offer comprehensive coverage, but the costs can vary based on the plan. Truck drivers typically purchase coverage that caters to their specific needs, factoring in the potential medical costs associated with their profession. It’s important for truck drivers to research the right health insurance plan in the health insurance marketplace that provides essential health benefits at a reasonable cost.


Can Trucking Companies Provide Health Insurance for Their Drivers?

Many trucking companies play a significant role in offering health insurance to their drivers, recognizing the importance of health coverage in this demanding profession. These companies often provide essential health benefits through group health insurance plans, which can be more affordable compared to individual or family insurance plans. Truck drivers employed by these companies may receive health insurance benefits that cover a range of medical costs, from routine check-ups to more significant health issues.

In addition to basic health insurance plans, some trucking companies also offer supplemental insurance plans, including life insurance coverage. For independent truck drivers or those working for smaller companies, finding the right health insurance plan can be more challenging, but options like affordable health insurance plans in the health insurance marketplace or short-term policies can provide the necessary coverage. Truck drivers should weigh their options carefully to ensure they have comprehensive and affordable health coverage.




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