Workers’ Comp Injury Checklist for Truckers – What You Need to Know

Do You Think You Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?


To recover workers’ compensation benefits, you must be able to prove the extent and cause of your injury. For this reason, the steps you take after you are injured are critical to your workers’ comp claim.

Every professional truck driver injured on the job should follow this checklist to help ensure they receive the proper benefits for their injury:

1. Report the Injury

Report the accident to the employer and record the injury in Qualcomm or a logbook as soon as possible. Tell the employer exactly how the accident happened and that the injury was job-related. Use a company form if one is provided, and record the name of the person the injury was reported to at the employer.

2. Document the Injury

Write a description of how the accident happened while it is still fresh in the trucker’s memory, including witness names, addresses, and phone numbers. Take pictures of the accident scene if the trucker believes the accident was partly caused by the negligence of someone other than the employer.

3. Seek Medical Treatment

Seek medical treatment for the injury as soon as possible. Tell the doctor exactly how the accident happened. Give a complete description of what the truck driver was doing and the pain and problems the trucker is experiencing. Be sure to give the doctor an accurate date of injury. Follow the doctor’s advice and always keep medical appointments.

4. Don’t Sign Anything

Don’t sign any document you do not understand or give any recorded statement to anyone unless you have legal counsel present.

5. File a Claim

The trucker must file a written claim within the applicable statute of limitations. Trucking companies must provide a workers’ comp claim form, which should be filled out completely and returned.

6. Obtain Legal Assistance

Truckers should consider obtaining legal assistance as soon as possible. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can provide advice and protect the trucker’s rights. An attorney can also help to make sure that the broken bones, torn ligaments, and other injuries the trucker has suffered are adequately compensated.


Choose an Attorney Who Specializes in Trucker Injuries


Workers’ compensation claims for injured workers can be difficult to pursue without the help of an experienced trucker workers’ compensation attorney. This is particularly true for truck drivers because of their unique wage rates, the physical demands of driving a truck, and the difficulty finding comparable employment outside the trucking industry.

Insurance adjusters generally will not offer you all the compensation you deserve. To receive just compensation, you typically must hire an experienced trucker workers’ compensation lawyer to pursue your claim.


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