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Injury Attorneys Helping Hurt Truckers for 40 years

We are attorneys helping injured truckers with Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation for over 40 years. We have law offices in St. Louis and Southwest Missouri. Injured truckers deserve respect and support, so we offer all injured truck drivers a free consultation to discuss their rights. We provide free trucker injury resources, and we invite all injured truckers to contact us with any question.

"7 Reasons you Need a Trucker Attorney"


Rev Your Engines for the 2021 SOMO Truck Convoy

The World’s Largest Truck Convoy Is Returning to Joplin The Special Olympics of Missouri is gearing up to host their annual Truck Convoy fundraiser on September 25th in the heart of Joplin, MO. This one-day event is a national celebration of the trucking industry. From allied partners to law enforcement, each year members, friends, and [...]

Injury Ratings: Fighting for Your Rights & Fair Compensation

Workplace Injuries: What’s Your Next Move? It’s no secret that truck driving is a highly dangerous profession. Injuries are often a result of everyday duties for thousands of truck drivers every year. It’s important to be aware of the options you have when it comes to your rights so you receive fair compensation and treatment [...]

The Importance of Trucking Companies in America

The Unsung Heroes of America At some point, almost every good that is consumed in the United States is transported by a truck. In fact, trucking companies are responsible for transporting over 70% of all of the nation’s annual freight totaling $700.4 billion and 10 billion tons of goods. Trucking companies provide these goods for [...]

Busting Myths and Misconceptions About Truck Drivers

The Truth About Truck Drivers As of 2019, the US Census Bureau indicates that more than 3.5 million people work as truck drivers, 15.5 million trucks are operating, and the industry is continuing to grow. Trucks are everywhere on the road and are an extremely important component to keeping our economy running smoothly. Without truck [...]

Beat the Heat and Stay Sane: Summer Long Hauls

Cruise Through Summer Long Hauls Driving is as much of a summer tradition as barbecues or days spent at the pool, but for professional truck drivers it’s not so much the exciting road trip to the beach. It’s an endless, thankless job that requires a great amount of mental stamina and patience. We know just [...]

Summer Safety Tips for Truckers

Don’t Let the Dog Days Get You Down The slush, ice, and snow of the winter season is over, but that doesn’t mean road conditions are any safer during the scorching summer months. Whether you’re a first time driver or a seasoned truck driver, the dog days of summer are no joke, so it is [...]



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