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Injury Attorneys Helping Hurt Truckers for 40 years

We are attorneys helping injured truckers with Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation for over 40 years. We have law offices in St. Louis and Southwest Missouri. Injured truckers deserve respect and support, so we offer all injured truck drivers a free consultation to discuss their rights. We provide free trucker injury resources, and we invite all injured truckers to contact us with any question.

"7 Reasons you Need a Trucker Attorney"


Beat the Heat and Stay Sane: Summer Long Hauls

Cruise Through Summer Long Hauls Driving is as much of a summer tradition as barbecues or days spent at the pool, but for professional truck drivers it’s not so much the exciting road trip to the beach. It’s an endless, thankless job that requires a great amount of mental stamina and patience. We know just [...]

$180,000 for Trucker Rear Ended on I-70

Rear-end collisions are common highway accidents that lead to serious injuries. We will pursue workers’ compensation benefits and personal injury damages for our clients injuried in rear end collisions.

How to Stay Awake and Get Home Safe

How to Stay Awake and Get Home Safe Drowsiness has a globally negative impact on driver performance, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Sleepiness is a result of lack of rest and slows reaction time, decreases situational awareness, and impairs judgment. NHTSA reported that about 100,000 crashes and 1800 deaths in the […]

2015 Truck Show

2015 Truck Show Hurt Trucker sponsored a booth in conjunction with the Guilty By Association Truck Show held in Joplin, MO on September 25 and 26.  Hurt Trucker gave away mugs and sponsored a daily raffle for a gift certificate.  We enjoyed the opportunity to meet with truckers and look forward to participating in future […]

Could More Owner Operators Be Entitled to Work Comp? Let’s Hope So!

Over the years, trucking companies pushed to classify employees as owner-operators. The reason us simple – to avoid paying truckers workers’ compensation benefits. Trucking companies and other employers usually only have to pay workers’ compensation benefits to employees (company drivers).  They generally are not required to pay benefits to owner-operators because they are considered “independent […]

Common Injuries Faced by Over the Road Truck Drivers

Common Injuries Faced by Over the Road Truck Drivers Over the Road Truckers are an iconic part of America’s history and future, and an integral part of the American economy. Like the super tankers of the oceans, truckers allow us to buy and receive packages from distant locations. Goods are shipped and received every day […]



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