The Long Term Impact of Leg & Foot Injuries on Truckers

by | Jan 20, 2022 | Injured Truckers

The Long Term Impact of Leg & Foot Injuries on Truckers

Truck driving is a physical job. If you are a seasoned truck driver, you know that driving a truck can be extremely dangerous and taxing to your body. You also know the pains and risks associated with leg and foot injuries because there is a good chance you have experienced a lower-body injury throughout your career. These injuries negatively impact your work routine, sometimes even your ability to work entirely, and can hinder your ability to enjoy your personal life.

The Different Types of Leg and Foot Injuries

When you drive a truck, you rely on your leg and foot for your income. Because truck drivers depend so heavily on their lower bodies to perform their jobs, there are many ways in which you can injure yourself on the job.

Lower Body Injuries

One of the most common ways truckers injure themselves is by jumping in and out of the truck cab. This repetitive action, landing from a three to five-foot drop from the cab to the ground, can cause:

  • Meniscus tears
  • Foot fractures
  • Severe cases of plantar fasciitis

Slips and falls in and around the trucking area, especially during the icy winter months, can also cause damage and injury to your lower body. In addition, joint damage can occur from lifting heavy boxes or equipment.

These injuries can also be compounded or exacerbated by long periods of sitting while driving, as the blood circulation is affected, which impedes proper healing. Add in the wear and tear upon the joints due to repetitive movements associated with operating a truck (see more below), and you may be facing some severe physical discomfort.

Driver’s Foot

Imagine you are going about your day, driving for hundreds of miles, and suddenly, you begin to experience an unexpected throbbing pain in your foot. This is known as Driver’s Foot, and it is caused by the constant pressure applied to a stiff clutch or gas pedal.

The stress of this repetitive motion will cause you to experience pain across the top of your foot or stiffness in your ankle. You may even experience joint pain, especially in the large joint of your big toe, and discomfort or even bruising up the back of the heel. In addition, if left unaddressed, the pain and stiffness associated with Driver’s Foot can spread to your knees, hips, and back.

Leg and Foot Injuries and Their Impact on and Off the Job

Those who work a desk job can get by with a lower-body injury, such as damage to the knee, leg, or foot, without the fear that it will impact their livelihood. However, when a truck driver experiences a leg injury, it can be challenging to obtain the type of physical therapy necessary to recover or even rest the injury for the proper time. As a result, truckers miss more work due to lower body, leg, and foot injuries than the average worker.

As a trucker, maneuvering heavy cargo, getting in and out of the cab, or performing the daily duties of a professional driver may be severely hindered by the effects of an injury. Depending on the severity of the injury, it may be impossible for truck drivers with a leg injury to return to work at all.

Injuries to the lower body caused by truck driving can impact your daily life. From taking time away from family, or the ability to keep up with the kids, or playing a favorite sport

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