Terminal, Warehouse, & Work Site Accidents

A Work Site Injury Can Throw Your Life Off Course

Many truck drivers regularly work with and around others at terminals, docks, warehouses, and other delivery and pick-up locations. Workers at these locations often use heavy equipment, such as forklifts, front-loaders, and cranes that can cause serious injuries when misused. Truckers are often injured by the negligence of workers at these locations.

As every trucker knows, the training and safety protocols followed by workers at delivery and pick-up locations can differ significantly from location to location. Some facilities rigorously train workers and require strict compliance with safety protocols, while others do not. When training is lax and safety protocols are not followed, truckers can be seriously injured.

Know Your Options After a Work Site Accident

We are trucker personal injury attorneys, and we represent truckers who are injured by negligence at terminals, docks, warehouses, and other pickup and delivery locations. If you or someone you know have experienced a work site accident, contact us any time by formphone, or email for information on how Hurt Trucker Attorneys can help you pursue a personal injury claim and receive the maximum compensation you deserve.