Trucker Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers' Compensation Claims for Truck Drivers

We know the unique challenges truckers face. Truck drivers are at risk of serious accidents and injury each and every day. In fact, thousands of truckers are injured every year delivering the goods that keep our economy going, and an injury can make driving a truck impossible. Truckers who cannot continue driving a truck face a potentially devastating loss of income. That is why injured truck drivers must understand the importance of having an attorney that is an expert in representing hurt truckers in workers’ compensation claims.

Reasons to choose a trucking attorney for your workers’ comp claim include:

  • Truckers’ unique wage rates require specific knowledge
  • Truckers want local doctors, even if trucking companies may not allow it
  • Truckers may have claims with someone or some company other than their employer (e.g. a third party)

Why Truckers Need Trucker Attorneys

For more information on why it’s beneficial to contact a lawyer experienced in the trucking industry such as Hurt Truckers Attorneys for your workers’ compensation claim, download our free white paper for a printable version of Why Truckers Need Trucker Attorneys.