Injury Claims Attorneys in Missouri & Illinois

Missouri and Illinois are perhaps the greatest trucking hubs in the country, and for nearly 50 years the attorneys at Hurt Trucker have helped injured trucker drivers who live or work in Missouri and Illinois  recover the personal injury and workers’ compensation benefits they are owed. We currently have offices in St. Louis and Southwest Missouri, and we represent injured truckers throughout Missouri and Illinois, including:

Filing Workers’ Compensation & Injury Claims in Missouri & Illinois

When you are hurt on the job, time is of the essence. Each state handles accidents and injury claims differently and there are important timelines that can affect your claim to compensation.

Both Missouri and Illinois have statutes of limitations on filing personal injury and accident claims. require injured truckers to notify their employers as soon as possible to report an injury. In Missouri, truckers must notify their employers within 30 days of suffering the injury or risk losing the right to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Illinois truckers have 45 days after the incident to report their injury.

In addition to reporting the injury, truck drivers in Missouri and Illinois must also file their workers’ compensation claims within a certain timeframe. In Missouri, truckers must file a claim with Missouri’s Division of Workers’ Compensation within two years of the injury date or the date of the last payment made by the employer or their workers’ comp insurance, whichever is later. In Illinois, truckers must file a claim with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Coalition (IWCC) within three years of the injury, or within two years of the last payment. Truckers may receive an extension if the employer or insurer does not file their report of injury in a timely manner.

Both states use a “comparative negligence” method to determine how much a settlement will pay after an accident occurs.

We Proudly Represent Missouri & Illinois Truckers

Hurt Trucker Attorneys understands how workers’ compensation and personal injury claims work in both Missouri and Illinois. If we represent you, we will help you prove cause and liability and aggressively pursue the maximum compensation available for your injuries, and we will not receive a fee until you receive the compensation you deserve. Callemail, or contact us online any time for more information on how we can help you pursue Illinois and Missouri injury claims and receive just compensation.