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The attorneys at Buchanan, William, and O’Brien pride themselves in representing a wide range of hard working men and women in the trucking industry for over 50 years. We don’t take our jobs lightly when they involve the well-being of others, which is why our practice is founded on two principles: superior legal representation and exceptional personal service. Your case is more than a number to us, and we will place your needs and wishes above any other concern. Here’s what some of our previous clients have said about their experience with Hurt Trucker Attorneys:

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Russell Freeman, Truck Driver

After Russell was in an accident, he noticed a Hurt Trucker Attorney billboard and decided to reach out.

“They made sure that I got the proper procedures that I needed. They made sure that I had the surgeries. They made sure that I was being paid while I was in my surgeries and recovery, and they really just went above and beyond.”

Josh Haynes, Truck Driver

Josh experienced an accident that resulted in injury and a complex case. After searching online one day, he came across Hurt Trucker.

“It was a long drawn-out process, but they stood by me the whole way. They never gave up. My case was more than just a normal case. He (Andrew) said that it was one of the worst cases pretty well they ever had, but he came out on top. We won and it’s changed my life.”

Charles McDowell, Truck Driver

After eight years of struggling with his case and previous attorneys, Charles came across Hurt Trucker while researching the Missouri Labor Laws.

“Right off the bat, they were just totally awesome. They knew from the beginning that I had a serious issue that wasn’t being properly handled, and they went beyond their bounds to take care of me with courtesy, kindness, and professionally.”

Joyce Williams, Truck Driver

After Joyce was in an accident and saw how quickly her company repaired her rig, but did not do anything to cover her medical injuries, she turned to Hurt Truckers.

“I would not have gotten the medical help that I needed had it not been for these lawyers here and not only did he get me workmen’s comp, he also got me money from my injuries as well.”

George D. Spruk, Truck Driver

George faced an injury while loading his trailer at a lime plant, and after receiving a meger compensation for workmen’s comp decided to take action. After looking for two years to find the right attorney to understand his case, he found Hurt Truckers.

“Andrew Buchanan talked to me. He drove from St. Louis, MO to Miami, OK, sat down with me for probably an hour and a half and listened to every word I said. If I had to suggest an attorney, I would suggest Hurt Truckers.”

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“I would recommend Buchanan, Williams, & O’Brien to anyone. They are professional, caring, organized, and extremely knowledgeable. They are the best law firm in town!” – Rhonda

“I would highly recommend BWO to anyone looking for a high-quality law firm. The expertise of the attorneys is outstanding, the staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and I would trust them with any situation. They kept me informed throughout the entire process and someone was always available to answer my questions.” – David

Cases Won

  • $550,000 FOR CAR CRASH