Helpful Resources for Injured Truck Drivers

In our nearly 50 years of helping truck drivers receive the benefits and compensation they are rightfully owed, our Hurt Trucker Attorneys have learned a lot about the needs of injured truckers. We have used our knowledge and experience to create multiple workers’ compensation and personal injury resources for truck drivers, including:

Quick Tips

We’ve put together a quick list of tips for injured truckers who are hurt on the job.

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Answers to questions frequently asked by injured truck drivers about personal injury and workers’ compensation related issues.

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Workers’ Comp Injury Checklist

There are important steps all injured truck drivers should follow to strengthen their workers’ compensation case.

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Downloadable Guide

Discover how truckers’ cases differ from other types of claims and learn the seven important reasons why truckers need trucker attorneys in one helpful guide.

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Hurt Trucker™ Blog

Follow Hurt Trucker™ and your fellow professional truck drivers as we discuss the latest developments about personal injury and workers’ comp in the trucking industry.

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Our Trucker Attorneys Are Your Best Resource

In the event of a trucking accident, work site injury, or wrongful death, you should speak to a lawyer who is experienced in similar cases. Legal services are an area where depth of experience and expertise matter greatly. Our Hurt Trucker Attorneys have been fighting for truckers’ rights and fair compensation for almost half a century. Call, email, or contact us online anytime about your situation. There is no cost or obligation for your questions and consultation.