Trucker Tech – There’s An App for That

by | Sep 19, 2013 | Technology, Tips

Truck driver’s may be the modern version of the free spirited cowboy but that doesn’t keep tech savvy truckers from using the digital world to be safer, more efficient and stay connected to home and entertainment. 

Apps for Truckers

Even on the loneliest stretch of the Interstate you can be connected to your family, friends and entertainment with a tablet or smartphone.  

The CB radio is still on board but is taking a back seat to new devices.  With your digital connections you have access to powerful Apps that can help you be smarter, faster and can save you money.  For example, “Trucker’s Tools” suggests truck stops, rest areas and even Wal-Marts.  UShipMoblie helps truckers find potential cargo.  PrePass helps truckers move quickly through weight stations.  There are apps to avoid traffic, find truck washes, do your log book and find the best gas price.  If a trucker does it, there there’s an App for that.

To check it out go to the App Store on your smart phone and search for trucker apps.  Most are free but there’s a small charge for some.  

 Be safe and happy trucking.