The Nationwide Truck Driver Shortage

by | Jan 20, 2022 | Truck Drivers

Nationwide Truck Driver Shortage

According to the American Trucking Association’s 2021 report, the United States currently faces an astounding shortage of truck drivers. The same report also states the shortage is expected to continue and worsen well into the 2030s. This shortage affects the supply chain, which has a tremendous impact on the overall health of the national economy. It can also have devastating effects on the current truck drivers working in the industry. If you are experiencing the impact of the nationwide truck driver shortage, keep reading to learn more about its causes and effects and how a free case review from Hurt Trucker can help active drivers receive compensation.

Why is there a shortage?

There is no single cause for the current shortage of truck drivers, but several factors are at play that has contributed to the overall decline in professional truckers.

Boom In Consumer Demand

As the country emerges from the 2020 pandemic, there is a surge in consumer demand for domestic goods. As trucks haul more than 70% of domestic shipments, this places a strain on already tight resources in trucking, with many fleets scrambling to hire drivers to meet demand.

Aging Workforce

According to the 2019 Truck Driver Shortage Analysis, the median age for active over-the-road truck drivers was 46, with an even higher median age of 57 for private fleet drivers. The overall trucking workforce is aging. As more drivers retire, fewer young drivers are entering the field to replace them.

Competition from Other Industries

As the trucking industry scrambles to meet the surge in demand for delivered goods and an aging workforce, they are continually competing to attract and attain younger drivers who are more inclined to enter factory jobs. The younger generation is more prone to enter warehouse positions than fleet positions.

How does this shortage impact current drivers?

The current shortage of truck drivers places tremendous strain on active truckers. Drivers now face a high workload with no relief. This means more hours on the road and no one to cover for those that are hurt or sick. Especially with the aging population, current drivers are more prone to illness and infection. This intense schedule takes an immense toll on the driver, who is already in a physically demanding profession.

The shortage can also mean no pay raises to current drivers, as many companies are forced to spend those funds elsewhere to meet the demand.

How Can Hurt Trucker Help?

Professional drivers face a greater risk of injury with more time spent on the road. This risk is exacerbated by the increased physical and mental toll that working more can take on truckers. A road is a dangerous place already, and the demand caused by the shortage can result in on-the-job injuries. These injuries impact your ability to perform your professional duties or enjoy your private life.

The injury lawyers at Hurt Trucker can relieve some of the burdens caused by long days on the road. When truckers suffer injuries, they often lose wages until they recover. In addition, workers’ compensation or other insurance payments for lost wages and medical expenses may be delayed during an investigation or while insurers negotiate liability. So please don’t leave your livelihood in their hands!

Get a Free Case Review from Hurt Trucker

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