Benefits of Hiring Double “S” Transport

Double “S” Transport is a FedEx Ground Contractor offering top-quality freight services. 

The company’s high-quality freight services have attracted customers from different sectors of the economy. They have many happy customers who are willing to provide positive reviews.  

Other benefits of hiring Double “S” Transport are discussed below. 


Highly experienced drivers

Double “S” Transport drivers know how to come up with the proper measures to ensure they meet the demands of the customers. 

Those eager to kickstart their trucking career should start working with the company because they emphasize training and safety. 


Fair prices

The company is known to deliver its transportation services at fair prices. They are dedicated to making it easy for customers to understand their pricing structure. 


Wide range of freight services

Double “S” Transport offers a wide range of fright services for different customer needs. They are known to work round the clock and ensure they deliver on time. 

They work with customers to develop the right transportation services as customers grow their businesses. 


Great customer support 

Customers can contact Double “S” Transport at any time. The company has a network of logistic professionals to help meet customer requirements. 

Drivers at Double “S” Transport may face legal issues while at work which requires legal advice. They can turn to for legal assistance on trucking matters. Hurt Trucker Attorneys have knowledgeable lawyers ready to tackle different trucking issues.