CCS Transport: How Hurt Trucker Lawyers Can Help With Potential Claims

What Is CCS Transport?

Seeing big rigs or freight trucks on the road is nothing new. Anyone who has spent time on the U.S. interstate highway system has encountered them. 

CCS Transportation Inc. is a general freight carrier headquartered in Joplin, Missouri. CCS reports 11 drivers, 11 trucks, and 29 trailers. In 2019, CCS drivers logged 975,998 miles. With that many CCS truckers driving nearly a million miles in one year, drivers risk serious work injuries. 

In general, highway accidents alone represent a serious risk. During the 24 months before July 29, 2022, CCS reported one crash to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The crash was reported as a towaway collision.

Can Hurt Trucker Lawyers Help With a CCS Transport Claim?

It is required by law that CCS maintain workers’ compensation insurance to pay benefits to injured drivers. The lawyers at Hurt Trucker are there to help claim the workers’ compensation benefits for current and former CCS truckers if necessary. 

For truckers in Missouri, including ones that work at CCS Transport, the attorneys at Hurt Trucker are there to ensure injured truckers receive the benefits to which their claim is entitled.

Workers’ Compensation Claims for Truckers

Although most people never get hurt on the job, driving a big truck can be more physically taxing compared to driving a passenger car. Additionally, accidents are often caused by more complicated factors than simply driver negligence. Therefore, liable parties may only be ascertained after a thorough investigation.

A skilled lawyer can help determine who is responsible and may be able to protect your assets if the case goes to court. Hurt Trucker attorneys will work aggressively to attain the maximum compensation available for your injury claim. They will receive no fee until you receive the compensation you are owed.

What Is Hurt Trucker?

Hurt Trucker began operating almost 50 years ago. Charles Buchanan founded his workers’ compensation and personal injury firm in 1975. Since then, the firm has expanded, but the goal remains the same. The attorneys are laser-focused on helping drivers recover the compensation and benefits they deserve.

The Hurt Trucker company motto consists of twin pillars to deliver the utmost service available:

  • Provide A-grade representation
  • Deliver exceptional personal service

The staff at Hurt Truckers has been recognized for their exceptional abilities and work over the years. 

Hurt Trucker Standards of Excellence

Charles Buchanan has earned the top rating for legal ability and ethics by Martindale Hubbell, the leading attorney rating service. Based on feedback from other lawyers and clients, the rating represents a reputation built from years of serving workers’ compensation and personal injury victims.

Recent winning cases by Hurt Trucker attorneys include: 

  • Over $1,000,000 in a case for a truck driver involving a malfunctioning seat
  • $600,000 for a truck driver hurt by falling cargo
  • $1,000,000 was given to a trucker injured in a loading accident
  • $925,000 for truckers injured in a crash
  • $550,000 for a car crash claim

Hurt Trucker lawyers strive to obtain maximum compensation for your claim.

Hurt Trucker Lawyers Can Help With Potential Claims

Hurt Trucker lawyers will, firstly, ensure that you are assessed by a team of medical professionals who will provide you with a reasonable injury rating. Then they will defend your rights against workers’ compensation insurance adjusters. 

This legal operation has expanded upon a foundation over decades built on excellence. They have locations based at Joplin and St. Louis, where they can aid injured truck drivers. They have also assisted truckers in many other states in obtaining the workers’ compensation and personal injury payments they are entitled to.

Should You Retain Legal Advice for Trucking Accidents?

Hurt Trucker attorneys proudly work for the diligent men and women employed by the transportation industry. For a free consultation without cost or obligation, contact us as soon as possible via phone, email, or form. We would be happy to examine your case and discuss legal options with you.