Colonial Freight Transport Drivers Can Count on Hurt Trucker

What Is Colonial Freight?

Since 1943, Colonial Freight has been a renowned trucking firm providing services to the US. In the United States of America, Colonial Freight is well-known trucking, railroad, and transportation firm. Though its headquarters are in New Jersey, it has terminals throughout parts of the US, including southern Missouri and St. Louis. 

Due to the sheer company’s clear dedication to providing driving and trucking services, more than one million people are already associated with it and/or have booked a service from it. Although the company began as a small intrastate business back in 1943, it has expanded. The organization has generated a total of $23 million in income from selling its services, and they have a large number of devoted consumers that loyally believe in and support its business.

Is Colonial Freight a Popular Company?

Due to their long-term reputation and enthusiasm, many individuals have considered leasing trucks from Colonial Freight. Even driver and operator reviews reflect that Colonial Freight is an excellent workplace. It is reputed to have a superior work atmosphere and exceptional compensation for a hard effort. 

In addition to their friendliness, the team is effective at maintaining a good, safe, functioning work environment. However, the more a trucking and driving company expands, the more important it becomes to consider possibilities and engage injury attorneys.

Can Lawyers Help With a Colonial Freight Claim?

Truck companies like Colonial Freight are required by law to keep workers’ compensation insurance to reimburse injured drivers. The attorneys at Hurt Trucker could help claim the benefits for former and current Colonial Freight employees when necessary. 

For Missouri truckers, including those at Colonial Freight, the attorneys at Hurt Trucker strive to ensure that injured truck drivers get the benefits to which they are entitled.

How Trucking Injury Attorneys Help Colonial Freight

On a busy road, accidents are immediate and unexpected. This is even more so if the driver is distracted by phone calls, other thoughts, or even alcohol consumption. There are certain situations when drivers can be at blame for incidents in which they are involved. This may be a factor in receiving benefits from their workers’ compensation claim. Competent counsel can help determine what they are entitled to.

In some cases, it is legal for trucking injury attorneys to represent the interests of both parties:

  • The company
  • The driver 

Like many large corporations, Colonial Freight requires a trucking attorney to monitor and aid drivers in receiving the benefits to which they are entitled while avoiding lawsuits.

Why Choose Hurt Trucker Attorney

A lawyer from Hurt Trucker is capable of conducting thorough investigations and providing prompt resolutions to legal issues. They are highly skilled and experienced in dealing with a wide range of scenarios, which helps alleviate the concerns of the companies involved. When you make the decision to retain the services of a Hurt Trucker attorney, you are putting your trucking business in skilled hands.