Hermitage Express: A Trucker’s Trusted Carrier Company

Hermitage Express is a cargo transportation and trucking firm based in Missouri. Thousands of truckers and vehicles work for their company, and together they have completed trips spanning millions of miles. 

Due to the vast distance they travel annually, there is a risk that these drivers are involved in major work-related accidents. In particular, highway collisions pose a significant risk.

Hermitage Express is legally obliged to hold employees’ liability insurance to compensate injured truckers. Thus, they partner with insurance companies to assist existing and past drivers in obtaining employees’ insurance and individual injury payments for their injuries.

Numerous trucking companies, including Hermitage Express, have decided to work with Hurt Trucking Attorneys because of their reliable reputation.

If they take on your case, they will vigorously seek the highest amount of damages for your losses. Many carriers depend on Hurt Trucking Attorneys because of their excellent services. 


How Can Hurt Trucking Attorneys Aid You?

Have you been hurt in a trucking incident? Or did a large trailer or semi-truck driver trigger a collision with your tuck? 

Heavy truck collisions have a distinct array of problems than regular vehicle crashes. It is advisable that you contact a knowledgeable truck incident lawyer to guide you through your case. Fortunately, the Hurt Trucking Attorneys have assisted injured drivers for more than 40 years.

Hurt Trucker Attorneys are based in Southwest Missouri and St. Louis. They supply all injured truckers with a free appointment to review their legal options because they believe injured truckers should be respected and supported. 

Hurt Trucking Attorneys have exceptional knowledge of trucking accidents and a customer-focused approach to communicating with you. 

They will guide you step-by-step through your claim and provide relevant updates. You are welcome to contact them if you have any questions.


What Form of Assistance do Hermitage Express Tuckers Receive?

Hermitage Express assures its truckers that they receive all the required insurance payments. Its company aims to comply with all the necessary laws and regulations, so the Hurt Trucker Attorneys is their ally in this scenario.

Hermitage Express offers a variety of services that assists you after an accident. It includes the wound ratings, medical care, and other benefits. They wish what’s best for you, so rest assured that from the beginning to the end of the procedure, your attorney will guide you step-by-step.

Unfortunately, some trucking companies routinely undervalue or flat-out decline to grant any compensation to injured truck drivers. In this case, you need help from a skilled workers’ insurance lawyer. Hurt Trucker Attorneys will make sure that your claim against the company is lodged correctly and works hard to get you the compensation you deserve.