JCC Forward Trucking: How Hurt Trucker Lawyers Can Help With Potential Claims

What Is JCC Forward Trucking?

Many people and businesses use professional trucking companies to transport their goods from one place to another. In the southern Missouri area, they might choose the company, JCC Forward Trucking.

JCC Forward Trucking is a general freight carrier based in Springfield, Missouri. JCC reports a single driver and one truck and trailer that logged 66,285 miles in 2021. As of July 29, 2022, JCC reported zero crashes to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for two years before the reporting date.

As set out by law, JCC is required to maintain workers’ compensation insurance to pay benefits to injured drivers. Attorneys at Hurt Trucker help truckers claim either workers’ compensation or personal compensation benefits for their injuries.

Hurt Trucker Helps With Workers’ Compensation Claims

When the team at Hurt Trucker represents you, they will doggedly seek out the maximum benefits for your injuries. The company consists of attorneys with offices in St. Louis and Southwest Missouri. For over 40 years, they have helped injured truckers with Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation.  

At Hurt Truckers, they recognize the respect and support injured truckers deserve, and with that in mind, they offer a free consultation to talk about their claim and their rights. Their services include free injury resources for truckers, and they invite all truckers to contact the company with questions. 

Understanding Claims Involving Truck Accidents

A common misconception is that most highway accidents are caused by professional truck drivers, when in fact tractor trailers are only involved in about 2.4% of all car accidents every year, or about 500,000 highway accidents. And in three-quarters of those cases, the accidents are the fault of the driver of the passenger vehicle, not the trucker. A small portion of the accidents is the fault of the trucker, 16%.

Truckers are seriously injured every day in highway accidents caused by other drivers. This trend doesn’t appear likely to change anytime soon with the number of distracted drivers who are:

  • Talking on their cell phones
  • Texting others
  • Dialing radio stations
  • Watching DVDs with their kids

Experience has shown us that truckers often aren’t aware of the full extent of their injuries immediately following a highway accident. Some truckers walk away from the accident believing they haven’t been injured at all only to find days or weeks later they have headaches, and severe neck or back pain. Delays in the onset of symptoms are common.

Contacting Hurt Trucker for Your Claim

Truckers rarely receive the workers’ compensation benefits they are owed by trucking companies and their insurance companies. But you don’t have to prove your employer’s trucking company was at fault.

The rights of truckers are important to the attorneys at Hurt Trucker, and they’ve been fighting for them for over three decades. They understand the unique set of challenges facing injured truck drivers, and they will ensure your injury rating will be a fair one. As well, they will make sure you get the medical care and benefits you are owed.

Hurt Trucker also has you covered in the event you can’t come to the offices personally. In some cases, attorneys can meet at your home or another location to examine your case. However, most claims for workers’ compensation can be opened over the phone and without an office visit. 

To open your case, you can contact Hurt Trucker attorneys online or you can call them today. Receiving more information is at no cost or obligation, so you can receive the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.