Wide Right Turn Truck Accident: Understanding Causes and Liability

Wide right-turn truck accidents are a critical safety concern on our roadways, often resulting in significant personal injury and property damage. As commercial trucks make a wide turn to the right, other vehicles can become trapped alongside them or in their blind spots, leading to catastrophic ‘squeeze play’ accidents.

At Hurt Trucker Attorneys, we’ve witnessed firsthand the pain, suffering, and financial strain that personal injuries from truck accidents can inflict upon individuals and their families. Over the past four decades, our Missouri law firm has dedicated itself to serving the needs of those injured on the road, particularly truckers who face the risks associated with their profession daily.

It’s essential for those affected by wide right turn truck accidents to realize that legal options are available. Our promise to you is clear: we bring a high-powered, professional, and compassionate approach to every case we handle.

Understanding Wide Right-Turn Truck Accidents

Wide right-turn accidents occur when large trucks, such as semi-trucks and tractor-trailers, take turns too broadly, particularly on two-lane roads. As they navigate a turn, these vehicles often swing out to the left to clear the corner and then turn right. 

During this maneuver, smaller vehicles can become trapped or squeezed between the truck and the curb, leading to severe accidents. These collisions are dangerous due to the blind spots trucks have, making it difficult for truck drivers to see nearby vehicles.

Causes of Wide Right Turn Accidents

Several factors contribute to these accidents. Common causes of truck accidents include careless driving, driver fatigue, and lack of training. Adverse weather conditions can also affect a trucker’s ability to perform safe maneuvers. Visibility issues are a prevalent cause, as the Analysis of Factors Contributing to the Injury Severity of Overloaded-Truck-Related Crashes suggests.

Statistics and Impact

Accidents involving large trucks can lead to catastrophic outcomes such as rollovers or tip-over accidents. These types of crashes often result in significant injuries, immense pain, and substantial financial hardship. 

Data provided in documents such as the Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts 2017 by the FMCSA offer insight into the prevalence and severity of trucking accidents, including those involving wide right turns. Also, according to the Department of Transportation, 9% of motor vehicle crash fatalities involve large trucks. Although not exclusively due to wide right-turn incidents, this data highlights the significant risks tied to larger vehicles on the roads.

As a firm with decades of experience, we have seen firsthand how these accidents impact victims and their need for compensation and justice.

Legal Aspects of Wide Right Turn Accidents

Determining Fault and Liability

When a wide right turn accident occurs, establishing fault is critical. As skilled attorneys with over 40 years of experience, we understand that truck drivers and trucking companies may bear significant responsibility due to their duty of care on the road. Negligence becomes a key factor when a driver fails to correctly execute a wide right turn, potentially leading to personal injury litigation.

  • The Role of Negligence and Liability Laws: If the truck driver did not take reasonable steps to ensure safety, such as checking mirrors or signaling, they could be found negligent. Missouri follows comparative negligence laws, which imply that if the injured party shares some responsibility for the accident, their compensation could be decreased.
  • Role of Traffic Laws and Regulations: Adherence to the rules overseen by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is critical in establishing standard conduct expected from drivers.

Cases hinge on evidence, from witnesses to camera footage, which our attorneys meticulously gather to build a strong claim for our clients.

Legal Rights of Accident Victims

Victims of wide-right turn accidents can stand up for their rights in court. Our firm stands with our clients every step of the way, from dealing with insurance companies to taking the case before a jury if needed.

  • Overview of Victims’ Rights: Victims can seek compensation for damages through the legal system, and statutes of limitations apply, making timely action essential. In Missouri, victims have five years from the date of injury to file a personal injury claim. 
  • Importance of Legal Representation: With the complex interplay between various laws and strong opposition from defendants’ teams, having experienced truck accident attorneys is indispensable.

The Process of Seeking Compensation

Initial Steps After an Accident

If you’ve been injured in a wide right turn truck accident, immediate action can significantly impact your ability to receive fair compensation. Make sure to:

  1. Report the accident.
  2. Seek medical attention even if injuries seem minor.
  3. Document everything, including medical records and medical bills.
  4. Gather witness statements and contact details.
  5. Notice any pain and suffering or emotional distress.
  6. Do not admit fault or discuss details with insurance adjusters.

Our firm advocates for a prompt and thorough investigation, helping preserve critical evidence supporting your claim.

Working With Your Attorney

At Hurt Trucker Attorneys, we guide you through the entire legal process, ensuring all details are handled meticulously. Here’s how we assist:

  • Evaluate and document your injuries, including severe injuries like spinal cord injuries.
  • Calculate damages for medical expenses, lost wages, and future loss affecting your earning capacity.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies to cover property damage, medical expenses, and loss of consortium.
  • Use expert testimony and accident reconstruction to illustrate the at-fault party’s negligence if necessary.

Remember, securing fair compensation isn’t just about today; it’s about ensuring your long-term well-being and financial stability. An experienced truck accident lawyer can help you achieve this.

How Our Law Firm Can Help

With over 40 years of experience, our Hurt Trucker Attorneys’ attorneys represent truckers who have suffered personal injuries. Our legal professionals are dedicated to advocating for the rights of truck drivers and passengers affected by wide turn truck accidents. Our services include:

  • Investigation: We conduct thorough investigations to compile evidence that includes driver logs, road conditions, and vehicle maintenance records.
  • Advocacy: Our firm negotiates with all parties involved, from insurance companies to manufacturers, always striving to secure the compensation our clients deserve.
  • Legal Counsel: Our experienced attorneys provide precise, professional legal advice. 
  • Case Preparation: We meticulously prepare each case, considering all relevant laws and regulations. 
  • Representation: Our firm fiercely represents truckers in court to achieve favorable outcomes.

Our record speaks volumes about our commitment:

  • Our dedicated approach has led to many victories for our clients, from securing $1,000,000+ for a truck driver injured by a defective seat to winning complex cases that have significantly improved our clients’ lives.
  • We have successfully litigated against trucking companies, cargo loaders, and vehicle manufacturers.
  • We have also aided clients affected by the inexperience of other passenger vehicle drivers.

Let us use our experience to help you navigate the legal process and get you the compensation you need to move forward from your accident.

Safety Tips to Avoid Wide Right Turn Accidents

As professionals representing truckers who have suffered personal injuries, we at Hurt Trucker Attorneys understand the intricacies of wide right-turn accidents. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve learned that prevention is as crucial as our commitment to seeking justice for our clients. Here are some safety guidelines to ensure everyone’s well-being on the road.

For Truck Drivers

Best practices for making safe turns:

  • Check Mirrors Regularly: Ensure you always have a clear view of your blind spots before initiating a turn.
  • Signal Intentions Early: Use your turn signals well in advance to alert other road users of your intended maneuver.
  • Wide Turn Technique: Approach the intersection in the lane that accommodates your vehicle best, and make sure you have ample space to complete the turn without encroaching on other lanes.

Importance of proper training and awareness:

  • Receive thorough training on how to execute wide right turns safely. Programs like Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) focus on essential skills for safe truck operation, like executing wide right turns. These standards guarantee that truck drivers get theoretical knowledge and hands-on training from accredited providers.
  • Stay vigilant about your surroundings and approach every turn cautiously, acknowledging that personal safety and the safety of others are paramount.

For Other Road Users

Tips on how to stay safe around trucks making wide turns:

  • Pass with Caution: Avoid passing a truck on the right side when it’s turning, as this could lead you into a blind spot.
  • Anticipate Space Needs: Recognize that trucks need more space to turn and do not squeeze between the truck and the curb.

Empowering Your Path Forward with Hurt Trucker Attorneys

At Hurt Trucker Attorneys, we support you through legal challenges and empower you to move forward with dignity and strength. Our extensive experience and commitment to justice for truckers and their families ensure that choosing us means gaining a dedicated ally. We recognize the significant impact of a wide turn truck accident on your life. We are devoted to maximizing positivity through sought-after compensation and closure on your behalf.

Your pursuit of justice and fair compensation is our priority. With Hurt Trucker Attorneys, you can rely on a partnership grounded in integrity, advocacy, and personalized legal representation. Contact us today for guidance on the path to recovery and justice, with the assurance of resources and support to help you rebuild and advance confidently.