Hurt Trucker and Buchanan Williams & O’Brien Offices in Joplin are Open for Business

by | May 31, 2011 | Accidents, Joplin, Missouri, Safety

We are happy to report that BWO attorneys and staff are safe following the tornado that devastated Joplin on May 22nd. BWO attorneys and staff escaped the tornado unharmed with only minor damage to homes and property. Our office on 32nd Street in Joplin also escaped mostly undamaged. We were without power for a week, but power has been restored, and we are open for business. We were very, very lucky.

Unfortunately, many in Joplin were not so lucky. We have been part of the Joplin community for 40 years, and many of our attorneys and staff were born and raised in this community. The loss of life and utter devastation experienced by our community is heartbreaking. Our prayers go out to all those impacted by the tornado.

Yet, even with all this devastation, rays of hope shine through. The citizens of Joplin have shown tremendous resolve, and the stories of individual heroism displayed by so many in the face of unthinkable peril are truly inspiring. Joplin is down, but not out (not even close). Joplin has shown the world how to persevere in the face of seemingly overwhelming adversity. We are very proud to be citizens of Joplin.

Much work lies ahead in the coming months and years. There will be ups and downs to this recovery, but we know one thing with certainty: JOPLIN WILL REBUILD BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER. We intend to do our part. We will raise money, collect donations, clear brush, plant trees, volunteer legal services, and do whatever else we can to rebuild Joplin. We hope you will too. It will take all our efforts to rebuild Joplin.