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Right now there’s a lot of information (and misinformation) floating around about the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare).  And all of this is complicated by the difficulties with roll-out of the www.healthcare.gov federal website . 

Understanding The Affordable Healthcare Act

It’s almost a full-time job figuring out what’s true, what the available option are, and how to get into the system to purchase coverage, especially in states like Missouri who chose not to set up their own exchanges (marketplaces).

These issues are especially important to independent/owner-operator truckers, those that work for companies who don’t provide health insurance, or small trucking companies who want to explore their options.  And, knowing about the ACA can be critical for injured truckers who have lost their insurances because they can’t work.

Two things that may be helpful:

     1.  The Affordable Care Act has recently provided $6.5 million to Missouri to help expand medical care for those without insurance.  The following clinics are receiving additional funds.  So if you are uninsured and needing medical care now, one of these sites may be able to help:

     *Cross Trails in Cape Girardeau

     *East Central Missouri Behavioral Health in Mexico

     *Healthcare Coalition of Lafayette County in Lexington

     *Ozark Tri-County Healthcare in Neosho

     *Richland Medical Center in Richland

     *South Central Missouri Community Healthcare Center in Rolla

     *Southeast Missouri Healthcare Network in New Madrid

     *Swope Healthcare in Kansas City

     2.  17 organizations have been given grants through the Missouri Foundation for Health to help with consumer education and enrollment in insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

In southwest Missouri you can contact Freeman Health Systems:  [email protected] or (417)347-8888 or (417)355PLAN.  For a listing of the other organizations who are helping with enrollment, go to www.covermissouri.org.

There are many places throughout the state with trained personnel to answer questions and help you decide your  best options.   Don’t be put-off by the confusions and inconveniences…find resources, get answers and figure out what’s best for you and your family.  Good healthcare coverage is worth the effort!