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Hurt Trucker Attorneys pride ourselves in representing the hard-working men and women in the trucking industry for nearly 50 years. We know just how much our clients put on the line every day when showing up for their job, and we want to do the same for them. Your case is more than a number to us, which is why we put our full efforts into representing the men and women who place their trust in our practice to get them the compensation they deserve.

Recent Winning Cases

Here are some of our recent clients who we have helped in winning their cases:

$550,000 FOR CAR CRASH

Our client had serious injuries, but the negligent driver only had $50,000 of insurance. Our client had $500,000 of underinsured motorist coverage (UIM). We filed suit against the UIM insurance company. They first offered $300,000 but paid the $500,000 policy limit after we showed how serious our client was injured. Our client’s health insurance also paid thousands of dollars for medical care and claimed they had a right to be reimbursed. We told the insurance company their claim was not lawful under Missouri law and they backed down. We also sued the medical care providers for failure to turn bills into the insurance carrier and they agreed to cancel the bill.


Our truck driver client was seriously injured in Florida when he opened the back of his trailer and cargo fell on him. We filed the case against the shipper – the company that packed the cargo. They first refused to pay anything, claiming that it was our client’s responsibility to make sure the cargo was safely secured. We hired an expert on safety procedures for securing cargo and were able to show that the problem was caused by the shipper – not by our client. The shipper refused to pay anything on this claim until shortly before trial when they paid $600,000. The worker’s compensation carrier claimed they had a right to take more than $360,000.00 to reimburse them for workers’ compensation benefits they paid. We filed suit against the workers’ compensation insurance company claiming they were overstating the right to reimbursement and after a trial, the court found that the insurance company was entitled to less than $50,000 of reimbursement.


Our truck driver client was loading his trailer when he was run over by a skid steer, causing serious disabling injuries. There were many disputes, including who was our client’s employer and was there any insurance to cover the loss. Eventually, the case was settled for the $1,000,000 policy limit, which provided our client with some financial security after his injuries.


Our clients were truck drivers who were injured in a collision with another tractor-trailer unit. We sued two trucking companies who were negligent in causing injury to our clients. At first, the trucking companies claimed our clients were not seriously injured, and one of the trucking companies argued they were not at fault. After a long battle, the case was settled for $925,000.


Our client was a truck driver who suffered serious injuries when her truck hit a pothole and her air-ride seat collapsed. She developed a serious condition known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSDS). After taking numerous depositions and hiring experts, and just before trial, the manufacturer settled the case and agreed to pay over $1 million.

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