Truck Accident Statistics in Illinois in 2023

What Are Truck Accident Statistics in Illinois?

Truck accidents pose a serious risk to the health and safety of truck drivers and other road users. In its report published in 2023, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported 166,260 crashes involving large trucks in 2022. Such commercial trucking highway accidents can lead to injuries, deaths, property damage, and even legal disputes.

The Illinois Department of Transportation at the state level and government departments such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation at the national level provide updated data and facts on road accidents through statistics. This information can help to prevent trucking injuries by enabling users to:

  • Learn about the hazards and impacts of truck accidents.

  • Identify and address the common causes and factors leading to truck accidents.

  • Seek compensation or justice for the injuries or losses suffered.

  • Advocate for policy changes or improvements to enhance truck safety and regulation.

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Overview of U.S. Truck Accident Statistics

Crashes involving large trucks continue to pose a significant threat to U.S. roads, with alarming statistics revealing a sharp increase in fatalities.

As per the Large Trucks Traffic Safety Facts published by the NHTSA in 2023, 2021 witnessed 5,788 fatalities- a staggering 17% rise in deaths resulting from accidents involving large trucks compared to the previous year. Most of these fatalities were occupants of other vehicles, while 17% (1008) were truck occupants.

The impact of large truck crashes is noteworthy, as they accounted for a significant portion of overall motor vehicle crash deaths in 2021. Shockingly, large trucks comprised 9% of all vehicles involved in fatal traffic crashes in 2021, underscoring their devastating consequences.

81% of fatal traffic accidents involving heavy trucks involved multiple vehicles. This statistic highlights the need for stricter regulations and improved safety protocols within the trucking industry to reduce the frequency and severity of such accidents.

Illinois Truck Accident Statistics

The data becomes even more concerning when compared to previous years’ numbers.

Compared to the preceding four-year average, large truck accidents increased by 4.4% in 2021 and by 20.4% from 2020, per the Illinois Crash Data Trends published by the Illinois Department of Transportation. These figures emphasize the pressing need for comprehensive reforms to address the underlying causes of such accidents.

In 2021, Illinois recorded the involvement of 177 large trucks in fatal crashes. Equal to the national average, this number represents 9.3% of all vehicles involved in fatal traffic collisions in Illinois.

Common Factors Leading to Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can occur for many reasons. Some common causes of truck accidents include:

Driver Error

This is when the truck driver makes a mistake or does not follow traffic laws. It includes the following:

  • Speeding

  • Running a red light

  • Changing lanes without signaling

  • Following too closely

  • Distracted driving (It occurs when you pay attention to something other than the road or your surroundings. As per the figures provided by the NHTSA, distracted driving claimed 3,522 lives in 2021.)

  • Impairment due to consumption of alcohol, drugs, or medication.

  • Fatigue

Mechanical Failure

When something goes wrong with the truck or any of its parts. For instance, the brakes might fail, the tires might blow out, or the steering might malfunction. Mechanical failure often results from poor maintenance, defective design, or manufacturing errors.

Weather Conditions

It is when the weather makes driving difficult or dangerous. Some instances include the following:

  • Rain

  • Snow

  • Fog with zero visibility

  • Excessive winds blowing dirt

  • Dust storms

They can reduce visibility, traction, or stability. Weather conditions can also affect the road surface, making it slippery or uneven.

Road Hazards

This is when something on the road or an obstacle poses a risk to the truck. For example, potholes, debris, or animals on the road. Other examples of road hazards include the following:

  • Construction zones

  • Narrow lanes

  • Sharp curves

  • Steep hills

Cargo Issues

Common cargo issues that cause accidents include it being too heavy, large, or loose. Cargo issues can affect the truck’s balance, weight distribution, or maneuverability.

Consequences of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can have severe consequences for everyone involved. The common consequences of truck accidents include the following:

Injuries and Fatalities

Truck accidents can cause minor or gravely serious injuries to the truck driver and other people on the road. Injuries include minor cuts, bruises, spinal cord damage, and back and neck injuries in truck drivers. Truck accidents can also be fatal in some cases.

Property Damage

A truck crash can damage not only the truck or the other motor vehicles on the road but also the highway, dividers, and surrounding properties, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

Traffic Delays

Truck accidents can cause road blockages or obstructions, leading to traffic congestion and delays. This ultimately affects the flow of commerce and transportation.

Environmental Impacts

Commercial trucks can spill hazardous materials or fuel on the road. These materials could enter nearby waterways, harming wildlife and vegetation and contaminating soil and water.

Legal Disputes

Accidents can lead to legal disputes between the parties involved. This involves claims for fair compensation or liability for damages. Legal disputes are complex and often lengthy to resolve. You may consider hiring a truck accident attorney to assist you in such cases.

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